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How to use your new tools

Note: All of the automated tools we have designed for you are simple to use. just hover over the one you want to use and right click on it. Save the link and either embed it or paste it wherever you would like.

Email, Social Media Platforms or even through Text.

I suggest you try it and send the link to yourself so you get a full understanding of what it will look like for your potential and current clients or customers.

So you have a bunch of new tools that you have never used before. I will go through each one individually for you and make sure you have an understanding of the best practices for these tools. Let's do this in order of how to use them as well.

Capture Leads:

This is a powerful tool for you. You will want to use this to send to people who you have either spoken to or even place it in a paid ad on social media.

This is exactly what it sounds like. Its a simple questionnaire and info gathering system that we can customize however you would like and the information will be stored for you in your (LEADS SHEET) thats found in the View Your Leads button in the middle of your dashboard.

The best way to use this is through Social Media, DM or through texting.

You can use your sheet as a place to take all of your leads and follow up through e mail, text or even export the list and upload it to your favorite drip system like MailChimp or SendGrid.

View Your Leads:

This is where you go to view all of your leads. Your new captured leads and your Group members. All of the information on this google sheet is real time.

Great place to see how you're growing and where you can grab emails and phone numbers to follow up with potential clients.

Group Sign Up:

This is going to be your favorite tool! This one means you're making money. You can send this just as easy as any of the others. Just right click on the actual button up top and paste it where you want to send it. once someone fills it out, the leads sheet will update, your finances will update and all your logistical stats (Show Logistics Tab)will update real time. 

Again you can send this however you want. DM, Text or Email.

Fit Test:

This test was made as a demo. We will build you whatever test you want to use. We highly recommend using this tool for all of your clients to give them a constant sense of growth and encouragement.

When someone finishes a test you will receive an e mail with all of their results. the best practice is to send them an email and ask them how they feel about their results. The second time they do the test you can even compare their results and send them an encouraging messaged based on how they are improving.

As soon as your client finishes the test they will receive a separate e mail letting them know how they did as well so they can keep track of their progress. A Very powerful tool for fitness tracking. We will post this link to your page the last day of every month to help you keep track of your clients progress.

Progress Pictures:

This is a great tool as well. We will post this link in your group on the last day of every month. That way all of your clients in the group know its time to take progress photos! When they upload them they will receive an  e-mail with their progress pictures. Again they can compare from prior uploads and see how far they have come.

You will receive an e mail with their results as well for the same reason as the fit test. Again everything on auto pilot. The last day of the month the fit test and the progress picture link will be posted on your page for you. you don't have to worry about it. Thats where we come in.

Slack Channel:

If you do not have Slack, we will create an account for you and connect the link directly to your dashboard button. If you do have an account we will get that information from you and proceed the same.

Its one of the simplest platforms to use and its free so...

This is our main form of communication. Remember we're not just a program or software, we are here to help you strategize, create and develop a business. We are truly here for you when you need us. When you need us just shoot a message and tag us and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Stripe Account:

This is where all the money goes and is transferred to your account. We will create a Stripe account for you if you need. If you want to do it on your own thats fine as well. If you already have one we will simply ask for some info and connect all the end points for you.

What stripe does is allow us to process payment when people sign up for your group, send the payment to your bank account directly and keep records of everything you do.

Like I said before. We are building you a business in a box.

At the end of a year we send all of our clients an e mail walking you through the process of getting the Stripe information to your accountant or tax service rep to help you with your taxes.

Feel free to click on the button up top and take a look at what stripe does. OF COURSE THEY TAKE A FEE, every processing company does, we on the other hand do not. You pay them and that's it.

Before you go any further

I want to take a quick minute and let you know what Titan is all about.

No we are not a business Coach or a business Guru. The reality is that those types of plans have a very low success rate. We are a partner delivering tools and resources in an effort to help you grow your business. We are available to our clients for communication, ideas and new development of resources when you need us (Coaches just sell you a system over charge you and then say good luck). We walk through the fire with you.

To be frank and cut straight to the point, we build you a business in a box. If you already have a business we take what you have audit and analyze potential and develop a platform to help you go to the next level. What does that mean? We take you to a level of organization and industry standards that will propel your business forward and give you the opportunity to dominate in your industry.

I hate wasting peoples time so i'm just going to get right to it.

What We Do For Our TITAN Clients:

1. Audit your business - Protocols, Standardization, Practices, Goals and Current Growth. If you do not have a business yet we will help you from conception to branding and launching.

2. Analyze And Deliver - an updated plan specific for you based on the information we gathered to help you take your business to the next level.

3. We Create Measure-able Standards - If you can't measure it, you can't scale it. We build ou a plan of action based on your current model.

4. Growth Plan - we deliver to you a one year scaling plan for your business.

5. Web Presence Audit - we will look at your web site and social media accounts to see where we can cut the fat and create more engagement.

6. Web Presence Creation - We will build you a new website or new Facebook page fo your business, manage and post to them. Yes we do constant posting to all of our clients Facebook pages so their engagement stays high and their analytics grow.

7. Custom Tools - we create custom automated tools for you and your business. Like Scheduling, Bidding, Client Satisfaction Surveys, Automatic Billing, Lead Capturing, Proprietary Tools (See fit test and progress pictures) in the above demo dashboard, and anything you might need to stand out in your industry.

8. Social Media Guides - we provide our clients a custom posting guide. Developed for our clients to help them engage their audience and create driving content. (On top of us posting for them)

9. Billing And Processing - we help you set up a stripe account to help you keep all your billing and finances in one place. Stripe is compatible with Quickbooks and we will help you integrate.

10. We Grow Your Business!

Now go ahead and take a look around to see what we do for our clients. Again this is a fitness demo but imagine what we can do for you and your business.

We would love to have a consultation call to see how we might be able to help you and your business. Follow the link below an schedule your call today.

Schedule Sign Up Call 

Social Media Guide

This is pretty simple and I am not going to waste your time explaining things you already know.

Your Group:

As I stated above we will create and launch your group page. You can add any posts at any time and we suggest that you do so! Be real be raw and make it fun. (Don't be so stuck up lol)

Posting Guide:

Sorry you need to be a client to get this one. We can't give you all our secrets for free. Just know we have mastered the layout and have a very detailed guide that you will receive as part of your onboarding.

You can use any of the tools we have created for you to send as a DM on any platform. Use your lead collector in a post on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube. We have made it simple for you.

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